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Sam Freij’s Brings Cancún Directly to Your Phone

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Sam Freij’s Brings Cancún Directly to Your Phone


Social media sometimes gets a bad rap for how it can exacerbate problems like bullying, and so on. 

But social media has ushered in one of the world’s incredible phenomena! Entire travel pages that a single person or a team can share with the world

Sam Friej is one of these content creators who builds incredible images and pictures for the world to see. And hundreds of thousands of them do, every day.

Sam Freij is a man of adventure, and he’s been on more adventures than most of us could dream.

His popular Travel with Sam (@travel_with_sam)  Instagram page was launched in 2016, with hundreds of thousands of followers around the world. Most recently, his page showcases his adventures in Cancún, Mexico.

“I love the history,” he explains. 

Cancún is an ancient land and has been a small Mexican fishing-and-gathering settlement of a few Mayan families until 1970, when the area was selected as a vacation center. Ever since, it’s been a key worldwide tourism destination.

“There are seven shades of blue waters in Cancún. The beaches are simply a paradise,” Sam explains. Cancún is is also a food paradise, with world-class tacos, seafood, and more. Unlike other resort destinations, Cancún offers very affordable food prices, meaning you can stretch your budget quite a bit farther there than other parts of the world. Cancún offers an amazing variety of tacos representing the various flavor profiles of regions across Mexico, with no shortage of restaurants to try.

While you’re enjoying a taco and a margarita by a pristine beach, you can count on amazing weather year round in Cancún’s mild tropical climate.

As Sam’s exquisite travel page continues to gain a following, it is also gaining the attention of major outlets. His page features gorgeously photographed scenes that bring pure vacation fantasy to life.

Freij’s Instagram platform currently has more than 256,000 followers and just over a thousand posts. Followers get a chance to see a variety of vacation spots, as well as different beaches and food options. 

Travel with Sam has covered dozens of countries, but the most frequently visited destination is Cancun, Mexico. The page often showcases the beautiful resorts and beaches in the area along with the food and drink options that they offer. Many publications in Cancun have also noticed the page leading to some exciting networking opportunities. The page has been featured by Hyatt Aruba and Intercontinental Presidente Cancun. 

Follow the Travel with Sam page (@travel_with_sam) on Instagram.

You can contact Travel with Sam at mrsamfreij@gmail.com

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